SubH Part MNRAIL - SPECIAL Sprocket Buster™ Counterhold Tool with Common Rail Mini-Pins

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A Universal sprocket counterhold tool with special, removable, Mini-Pins for holding the high pressure fuel pump when tightening the slotted bolts on certain common rail engines. Replaces OE tool T10172 and T10172/1.

Also used to hold the sprocket when loosening or tightening the cam sprocket center bolt (Pre 2004) or cam hub slotted bolts (2004+ BRM PD and common rail engines). Essential for diesel timing belt changes. Useful for holding any sprocket that has spokes with holes larger than about 17 mm, including gasoline cam and intermediate shaft sprockets. Note: This grey sprocket buster with mini-pins is not needed for the CVCA & CRUA common rail engines introduced in 2015. A green sprocket buster MN3036 is sufficient for the CVCA and CRUA engines.

If you already own one of our blue or green-handled Sprocket Busters and and you want to work on a CBEA, CJAA or CKRA common rail, see our MNRUKT update kit below.

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