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Professional Tools and Accessories for German Cars
Manufactured by Charles Meglio, LLC


Our offices are closed from 3PM on July 19th until July 26th with shipping resuming on July 28th.

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A3/B4 (MKIII) TDI® Engine Tools (1996-1999.4)

A4/NB (MKIV) TDI® Engine Tools (1999.5-2003)

Gas engines: V6 and V8 | VR6 | 2.0T and 2.5 

Brake/Transmission/Wheel/Exhaust Tools

TDI® Engine Tool Pro Kit A3/B4/A4/NB

PD TDI® Engine Tools 1.9 and 2.0
(Engine codes BEW in Golf®/Jetta®/New Beetle® and BHW in Passat®)

PD TDI® Engine Tools for 1.9
(Engine codes BRM used in 2006 Jetta®) 

Common Rail TDI® Engine Tools for 2.0
(Engine codes CBEA, CJAA, and CKRA)

Shop Tools

Specialty Bits and Drivers

Special Fuel Injection/Ignition Tools

Electrical Tools


Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Custom Accessories


Custom Flat Wrenches