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Professional Tools and Accessories for German Cars
Manufactured by Charles Meglio, LLC


Welcome to metalnerd.com, your source for specialty tools and accessories for German Automobiles. Our new shopping cart system offers secure ordering and is here for your convenience. We have not abandoned the personal touch. If you want a firm quote or have any questions, please drop us an e-mail at info@metalnerd.com or call our order line. For overnight shipments, it is best to call our order line (412) 601-4270 before 3 PM EST. We work some evening and weekend hours - feel free to call. Leave messages anytime.  You may also fax your order to (724) 850-9116. We look forward to serving your specialty tool needs.

Our Tools

A3/B4 (MKIII) TDI® Engine Tools (1996-1999.4)

A4/NB (MKIV) TDI® Engine Tools (1999.5-2003)

Gas engines: V6 and V8 | VR6 | 2.0T and 2.5 

Brake/Transmission/Wheel/Exhaust Tools

Clutch and Flywheel Tools

TDI® Engine Tool Pro Kit A3/B4/A4/NB

PD TDI® Engine Tools 1.9 and 2.0
(Engine codes BEW in Golf®/Jetta®/New Beetle® and BHW in Passat®)

PD TDI® Engine Tools 1.9
(Engine codes BRM used in 2006 Jetta®)

Common Rail TDI® Engine Tools 2.0
(Engine codes CBEA and CJAA in Golf®, Jetta®, and Beetle® and CKRA used in Passat®)

Miscellaneous Tools

Specialty Bits and Drivers

Special Fuel Injection/Ignition Tools

Electrical Tools


Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Custom Accessories


Charles Meglio LLC, the manufacturer of most of these specialty tools, is not affiliated with or endorsed by Volkswagen® of America, Volkswagen® AG, Audi® North America, Audi AG or Porsche® Cars North America or Porsche® AG. Golf®, Rabbit®, Jetta®, Passat®, New Beetle®, TDI®, VR6®, and VW® are registered trademarks of Volkswagen® of America or Volkswagen® AG. Audi® and Q7® are registered trademarks of Audi® of America or Audi® AG.  Ceyenne® is a registered trademark of Porsche® Cars North America or Porsche® AG.  In all cases, the use of these words is for descriptive purposes only.
Metalnerd® is a trademark of Charles Meglio, LLC.

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