Credit where credit is due ...

The development of these products would not have been possible without the generous support from the members of the TDI® Club. Numerous beta site tests were conducted by Geoff in Michigan, Glen in Columbus, Matt in Virginia, Pete in ... heck Pete is everywhere, Tom in Massachusetts and countless others. Many of the improvements and refinements over the years stemmed from their suggestions. Similar to baseball, they are the TDI® heavy hitters and we simply make their baseball bats, so to speak. Many thanks guys!

Fred V., the wizard who created the www.tdiclub.com website brought us all together and made the whole thing possible - Thanks Fred for your incredible work.

What our customers think ...


Tool set is perfect (MN10PC) and arrived today which gives me an additional day to get work done before this weekend's events.

Your quality and service is fantastic. There are a few large companies that should take a lesson or two from you folks!!!

Thank you,
Elkhorn, Nebraska

I wish I had checked your site last week on whether or not I needed any extra tools to do rear brakes on my friends mkV Jetta.  Ah well, I know this week I can get things done with confidence this time around.  Next time I will check your specialty tools ahead of time before working on something new. I just wanted to say keep up the good work..... Your prices are awesome!  Quality of tools is awesome! Shipping prices are awesome!  Fast shipping is awesome! Ordered Monday morning received in the mail yesterday on Wednesday!  I really appreciate everything that you offer and your service. Without your site and the tools you offer, I don't know where I would find even half of your specialty stuff other than some of it off of the SNAP-ON truck for $45+ a piece for a specialty bit.

So far I have your rear brake tool(Amazing quality for the price), 10mm extended Tripoint, double-sided trans plug tool, oilpan wobble bit, 2 sizes of axle bolt allens.  I look forward to purchasing a crank pulley holder for the 1.8T in the future when I get to that vehicle in my driveway.

Now if I could get my neighbor that has a part time European auto repair business out of the back of his Volvo 740 Wagon to quit borrowing my tools I will be all set. :-) I will send him your way when he tries next time, LOL.

Thanks much! Have a great weekend!

"crxpilot" Columbus, Ohio

Dear Chuck,

I'm emailing you in regard to the order I just received. I'd just like to say how pleased I am with the quality of your product, customer service, and how quickly I received my tools. My first order with MetalNerd was the Strut Mount Spreader Tool; it was a pain to find else where. It got the job done perfectly and the quality was great. Upon my second order, I had made a mistake on the order form and within 10 minutes I received a call about the order and it was cleared up instantly, and my package was on its way. By today's standards, it is hard to find customer service that is this quick (and willing) to solve a problem. Again, the tools arrived on time and the quality and finish of these tools is an A+. Anytime either me or a friend needs a specialty bit or tool, I'm always sure to send them your way.

Thanks again MetalNerd!

Grant G.

I just wanted to say that having a personal email from a company with shipping ETA is a very nice touch, and something you just don't find very often in this day and age.  It shows there is a person behind the scenes tending to your customers. I appreciate the update and the service so far and the order has just barely been placed. I am impressed and hopefully can recommend you guys to other if I have the opportunity! I look forward to working with you and ordering from you again!  

Nathaniel Bivens  

Hey you guys....  that brake tool you sent to me was fabulous.  The product was well designed and functioned perfectly; your communication with the customer (me) was first class and it arrived when you said it would.  If every business in America functioned like MetalNerd, we would have full employment etc.

You guys set the standard.  Thank you so much for all you do.  Folks like you are all we have left to keep this country from folding up.



Just wanted to send you some more feedback on the timing belt tools. Great stuff. The timing belt change was so much easier having the right tools for the job! Now I need a brake tool so I figured I would order one from you. Let me know the cost with shipping and I will send you out a check if you still have some in stock.

McDonough, GA

Hi Chuck,

I used the brake reset tool the other day and I did the job just the way it was supposed to. Wish I had more hands to hold everything though! I didn't lube the threads yet and that might make a difference when it comes to screwing in the puck (I will do this).

Thanks again.

Satisfied customer


I got your brake tool on Wednesday of the same week I ordered it.

Thanks for making a well constructed tool like this. I was not able to find a tool from MAC or Snap-On at 3 times price that can do what this one does.

I am a former professional mechanic and this tool is equal to or better in quality than any other tool that I have purchased from Snap-On, Matco, or Mac. Simply put, great service and a great product. I will keep you in mind for other tools I need in the future.

Best regards,

Dear Chuck

Timing belt changed yesterday - success! The only hitch was the weather, wet and very windy.

I'm glad I waited for the crank locking tool, it made taking up the slack between crank and pump easy. This was the first time I had changed a TDI® belt and is not a job I would have liked to have attempted without your tools or Drivebiwire's tutorial....

....once again thank you for all your hard work in developing these fine servicing aids.



I received the brake tool Friday...thanks so much for the prompt shipment. Also, the tool worked great!

Thanks again,
Hoover, AL


I received my tools this past Friday. I am very pleased with the quality and am looking forward to changing my timing belt with the RIGHT tools. Thanks again for great quality at a great price.


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