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As a techno-nerd who grew up in the oil shortage days of the '70s, I realized early in life that the most economical and energy responsible way to drive from point A to point B involved small diesel-powered automobiles. After owning a Diesel Volvo, Diesel Rabbit and Diesel Golf, the only logical choice was a Passat TDI in 1996. I eventually stumbled onto Fred's marvelous TDIClub.com and found like-minded motorheads. Why are we so excited? Imagine V6 torque, 45 mile per gallon and a good chance of half million mile durability all in a family sedan with A/C and power steering!

After 14 years of process metallurgy, quality control, supplier development, and procurement, I found opportunity in the automotive aftermarket. By combining my passion for VW Diesels and experience with metal products, I was thrilled to supply the TDI community with simple, affordable tools that got the job done. With much design assistance from fellow TDIers (See Credit Where Credit is Due) the tool designs and materials were optimized and compiled into kits. Brenda, my spouse of 25+ years, stepped up to the plate and now handles much of the customer care side of things.

We don't attempt to make cheap knock-offs because the originals don't always get the job done. Our approach has been to optimize the tool function, use the strongest materials we can afford, and deliver it to the customer on time at an affordable price. Over 50% of our products have been made in response to requests from mechanics, both professional and shade tree types. We continue to welcome your suggestions and want to know if the tool meets your needs without breaking your budget.

We have made our line of metal products available to commercial customers.  This includes our line of Custom Flat Wrenches and Custom Metal Stampings.  Do you need someone to help you put your ideas into metal?  Industrial, commercial, aftermarket automotive?  If so, drop us a line.

We appreciate those who supported our business and we look forward to serving your specialty tool needs.

Thanks for your interest in Metalnerd.com. We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly. You can contact us at: info@metalnerd.com or by phone at (412) 601-4270.

We are located at:
113 Crest View Drive, Greensburg, PA, 15601, US

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