Part MNGM14 - M14 Magnetic Drain for Sonic®, Trax®, Cruze® and Encore®
SubJ Part MNRUKT - Common Rail Sprocket Buster™ UPDATE KIT
SubF Part MNXZ14 - M14 Triple Square Bit, Impact grade
Part CCX-FZ-335-370 - Club Fitter Wrench
SubH Part MN2064 - A3/B4 Pump Pin
SubH Part T40094A Camshaft Fitting Tool for CBEA, CJAA and CKRA Engines
SubJ Part T10134 Rear Main Seal Installer Tool for BRM, CBEA, CJAA and CKRA Engine
Part CLUTCH-053 Clutch Alignment Tool #53
Part CLUTCH-097 Clutch Alignment Tool #97
SubH Part MNXZ12 - M12 Triple Square Bit LONG
Sample Flat Wrench (wholesale/commercial only)
SubH Part MN3424 - Strut Spreader Bit
Part LIFT-A4-1 - 1 inch Lift Kit for MK-IV Chassis (Includes refundable $100 charge)
Part LIFT-A4-2 - 2 inch Lift Kit for MK-IV Chassis (Includes refundable $100 charge)
Kit1 MNA3KIT5PC - A3/B4 Kit (Economy)
Kit1 Part BEWBHWKIT4PC - Timing Belt Tool Kit for PD TDIs with BEW and BHW Engines
Kit1 Part MN10PC - 10 PC Triple Square Bit Set in Blow-Molded Case M4-M18
Kit1 Part MNA4KIT7PC - A4/NB Timing Belt Tool Kit
Kit1 Part CRAILKIT5PC - Timing Belt Tool Kit for Common Rail TDI engines CBEA, CJAA, and CKRA
Kit1 Part MNT044 - Flywheel Lock Tool T10044
Kit1 Part NuYANK-4CYL – 3rd Generation Crank Yank 4cyl Crank Counterhold
Kit1 Part V6V8KIT3PC - V6 & V8 Timing Belt Tool Kit
Kit2 Part MNA4KIT6LR - A4/NB Timing Belt Tool Kit with Long Reach Option
Kit2 Part MNKICK-4CYL – Aluminum Economy Grade 4cyl Crank Counterhold
Kit3 Part MNPROKIT9PC - Pro Kit for Rotary Injection TDI (1996-2003)
Kit Part BRMKIT5PC - Timing Belt Tool Kit for PD TDIs with BRM Engines
MN3272 - Rear Brake Reset Tool
Part CLUTCH-010 Clutch Alignment Tool #10
Part CLUTCH-036 Clutch Alignment Tool #36
Part CLUTCH-046 Clutch Alignment Tool #46
Part CLUTCH-062 Clutch Alignment Tool #62
Part CLUTCH-096 Clutch Alignment Tool #96
Part CLUTCH-122 Clutch Alignment Tool #122
Part CLUTCH-126 Clutch Alignment Tool #126
Part MN0138492 - 20 pack Replacement Copper Oil Drain Seals
Part MN12WH-FINE the M12 x 1.25 Wheel Assist Tool for Dodge®, Chrysler®, Jeeps®
SubZ Part MN26MP - M26 Audi® Style Magnetic Drain Plug
SubX Part MNLKIT – M14 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for VW®/Audi®
Set2 Part MN3400 - Serrated Alternator Pulley Bit SET
SubB Part MNXZ18 - M18 Triple Square Bit, Impact grade
SubD MN2567 - Gear Box Drain Bit
SubD Part MN248200 - Double Offset Box Wrench 10 & 8 mm
SubD Part MNYANK-6CYL-HUB Optional Hub - 6cyl for NuYank
SubE MN15BT - Replacement Wrench for Brake Tool
SubE MN224ZM - 24 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade
SubE Part MN227MXX - 27mm 6 Point Socket, Impact Grade
SubE Part MNDH19 - 19 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade
SubF Part MNM8LONG - A3/B4 TDI Harmonic Balancer Bolts
SubF Part MNM8SHORT - A4/NB TDI Harmonic Balancer Bolts
SubH MN0201 - Flange Puller for 020-series Transmissions (1984~1990)
SubH MN3104 - Shifter Alignment Tool
SubH MN3242 - V6 & V8 Crank Locking Pin
SubH MN3268 - VR6® Cam Locking Plate (12 valve only)
SubH MN3277 - VR6 Spark Plug Boot Puller
SubH MNFWBP - Front Wheel Bearing Puller Set - CLEARANCE
SubH MNSH32 - Oil Filter Housing Socket for Common Rail TDI
SubH MNT10099 - 2 pc. Kit of Bell Housing Bits (Triple Square)
SubH MNT115 - 1.9 and 2.0 PD Tensioner Holding Pin- Triangle Handle (2004-2006)
SubH MNV668 - V6-V8 Cam Locking Bar - V6-V8 Cam Locking Bar
SubH Part 3366 - Chain Tensioner Gasket Tool
SubH Part ALT-UP-KIT - Update Kit for Our Older MN3400 - 2 pc. UPDATE KIT Only!
SubH Part MN0812 - 3 piece Triple Square Bit Set
SubH Part MN1111 - Economy Tensioner Wrench
SubH Part MN14WH - M14 Wheel Assist Tool for 5 Lug Wheels
SubH Part MN12WH - M12 Wheel Assist Tool for 4 Lug Wheels
SubH Part MN2122 - Specialty Double 21 & 22 mm Strut Nut Sockets
SubH Part MN2222 - 2-Arm Sprocket Puller
SubH Part MN3034 - A3/B4 Crank Lock
SubH Part MN3036 - Universal Sprocket Buster (TM) Counterhold Tool
SubH Part MN3078 - Specialty Slotted Strut Nut Sockets
SubH Part MN3333 - DELUXE Tensioner Wrench
SubH Part MN3359 - 1.9 and 2.0 Multi-application Cam and Pump Sprocket Pin (PD, CR, ALH rotary)
SubH Part MN3418 - Universal Cam Locking Plate
SubH Part MN4001 - A4/NB Cam Sprocket Puller
SubH Part MN4004 - ALH Crank Lock
SubH Part MN4057 - Oil Filter Housing Drain Tube (T40057)
SubH Part MN5ALT - 5 Lobe MAF Bit Alternative
SubH Part MN606000 - 6 Lobe MAF Bit
SubH Part MN7614 - Specialty Socket for Oil Filters & Filter Caps
SubH Part MN88040 - Electrical Connector Tool
SubH Part MNCRPD - Universal PD TDI Crank Lock (Replaces T10050 & T10100)
SubH Part MNCRPL - Economy CV Boot Crimp Pliers
SubH Part MNDH30 - 30 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade
SubH Part MNHB14 - 14 mm Hex Bit Socket, Impact Grade
SubH Part MNHB17 - 17 mm Hex Bit Socket, Impact Grade
SubH Part MNHB5S - A4/NB Stubby 5 mm Driver (Formerly our MN0005)
SubH Part MNOIL5 - Wobble Oil Pan Bit
SubH Part MNRAIL - SPECIAL Sprocket Buster™ Counterhold Tool with Common Rail Mini-Pins
SubH Part MNSH36 - Oil Filter Housing Socket
SubH Part MNT060 - 1.9 PD 2.0 PD Serpentine 'L' Pin (2004-2007)(T10060A)
SubH Part MNT10066 – Filter Wrench for Haldex®-type Differentials
SubH Part MNT480 - Camshaft Adjuster Socket for 2.0T FSi Gas Engines
SubH Part MNT68A - Cam Locking Bar for 24 Valve VR6® T10068A
SubH Part MNT98A - Long Reach ALH Cam Locking Plate
SubH Part MNXZ12-S - SHORT M12 Triple Square Bit
SubH Part T10549 Oil Sump Plug Bit with 1/4” Drive
SubI Part MN1818 - Threaded Injector Slide Hammer Puller (TDI 1996-2003)
SubI Part MN18PD - PD-TDI Injector Slide Hammer Pulle
SubJ MN18TKIT - DOUBLE Head Bolt Bit for 1.8T® ,V6 & 2.0 Gas Engines
SubJ MN3452 - 6-spline Head Bolt Bit for 1.8T® ,V6 & 2.0 Gas Engines
SubJ Part MN1818-Head - Threaded Slide Hammer Puller Head Only (for TDI 1996-2003
SubJ Part MN18PD-Head - Hook Slide Hammer Puller Head Only (for PD TDI 2004-2007)
SubJ Part MNBUKT - BRM Sprocket Buster™ UPDATE KIT
SubJ Part MNT051 - 3-Pin Counterhold for PD Cam Hubs
SubJ Part MNT052 - Puller for PD Cam Hubs
SubJ Part MNT10008 - 1.9 PD TDI Tensioner Keeper Plate (T10008)
SubJ Part MNXZ10 - M10 Triple Square Bit LONG
SubJ Part MNXZ10S-375 Compact M10 Triple Square Bit with 3/8" Drive (Impact Grade)
SubJ Part MNXZ10-S - SHORT M10 Triple Square Bit
SubK 3212 - Pin Spanner for Viscous Fan & Central Hydraulic Pump
SubK MN3312 - Flat Wrench for Viscous Fan Clutch
SubK Part MNXZ8S - M8 Triple Square Bit
SubL Part HZ456000 - Diesel Fuel Line Wrench - 17 mm
SubL Part MN3001 - Specialty Socket for Triangular Head Bolts
SubL Part MN6525 - Hinge Ratchet Kit with Specialty Bits
SubM Part MNXZ5Short - M5 Triple Square Bit

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