SubH Part MN6060 - 6 Lobe MAF Bit
SubH Part MN5050 - 5 Lobe MAF Bit
SubH MNSH32 - Oil Filter Housing Socket for Common Rail TDI
Kit2 Part CR_MASTER_KIT - Timing Belt Tool Kit ALL 2.0 liter CR TDI engines CBEA, CJAA, CKRA, CRUA & CVCA
SubH Part MN2122 - Specialty Double 21 & 22 mm Strut Nut Sockets
Kit1 Part CVCA_CRUA_KIT - Timing Belt Tool Kit for Common Rail TDI engines CVCA & CRUA
SubE MNDH24 - 24 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade
SubJ Part MN3078 - Specialty Slotted Strut Nut Sockets
SubH Part MNCRPD - Universal CR & PD TDI Crank Lock (Replaces T10050, T10100 T10490)
SubJ MN18TKIT - DOUBLE Head Bolt Bit for 1.8T® ,V6 & 2.0 Gas Engines
SubJ MN3452 - 6-spline Head Bolt Bit for 1.8T® ,V6 & 2.0 Gas Engines
BRAKE-DUET - Rear Brake Reset Tool COMBO with M14 Impact Bit
SubE Part MNDH19 - 19 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade
Part MNGM14 - M14 Magnetic Drain for Sonic®, Trax®, Cruze® and Encore®
SubJ Part MNRUKT - Common Rail Sprocket Buster™ UPDATE KIT
SubE Part MN227MX - 27mm 6 Point Socket, Impact Grade
Kit1 Strut Tool Trifecta for MK5 and later
SubL Part 3035 - Diesel Fuel Line Wrench - 17 mm
Part CCX-FZ-335-370 - Club Fitter Wrench
SubF Part MNXZ14 - M14 Triple Square Bit, Impact grade
SubH Part MN2064 - A3/B4 Pump Pin
SubH Part MNOIL5 - Wobble Oil Pan Bit
SubH Part MN3418 - Universal Cam Locking Plate
Part CLUTCH-097 Clutch Alignment Tool #97
SubH Part MNXZ12 - M12 Triple Square Bit LONG
SubH Part MN3424 - Strut Spreader Bit
Part MN0138492 - 20 pack Replacement Copper Oil Drain Seals
Kit1 Part MN10PC - 10 PC Triple Square Bit Set in Blow-Molded Case M4-M18
Kit1 Part MNA4KIT7PC - A4/NB Timing Belt Tool Kit
Kit1 Part MNT044 - Flywheel Lock Tool T10044
Kit2 Part MNA4KIT6LR - A4/NB Timing Belt Tool Kit with Long Reach Option
Kit2 Part MNKICK-4CYL – Aluminum Economy Grade 4cyl Crank Counterhold
Kit3 Part MNPROKIT9PC - Pro Kit for Rotary Injection TDI (1996-2003)
Kit Part BRMKIT5PC - Timing Belt Tool Kit for PD TDIs with BRM Engines
MN3272 - Rear Brake Reset Tool
Part CLUTCH-126 Clutch Alignment Tool #126
SubZ Part MN26MP - M26 Audi® Style Magnetic Drain Plug
SubX Part MNLKIT – M14 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for VW®/Audi®
Set2 Part MN3400 - Serrated Alternator Pulley Bit SET
SubB Part MNXZ18 - M18 Triple Square Bit, Impact grade
SubD MN2567 - Gear Box Drain Bit
SubD Part MN248200 - Double Offset Box Wrench 10 & 8 mm
SubE MN15BT - Replacement Wrench for Brake Tool
SubF Part MNM8LONG - A3/B4 TDI Harmonic Balancer Bolts
SubH MN3104 - Shifter Alignment Tool
SubH MN3242 - V6 & V8 Crank Locking Pin
SubH MN3268 - VR6® Cam Locking Plate (12 valve only)
SubH MN3277 - VR6 Spark Plug Boot Puller
SubH MNT10099 - 2 pc. Kit of Bell Housing Bits (Triple Square)
SubH MNT115 - 1.9 and 2.0 PD Tensioner Holding Pin- Triangle Handle (2004-2006)
SubH Part 3366 - Chain Tensioner Gasket Tool
SubH Part ALT-UP-KIT - Update Kit for Our Older MN3400 - 2 pc. UPDATE KIT Only!
SubH Part MN0812 - 3 piece Triple Square Bit Set
SubH Part MN1111 - Economy Tensioner Wrench
SubH Part MN14WH - M14 Wheel Assist Tool for 5 Lug Wheels
SubH Part MN12WH - M12 Wheel Assist Tool for 4 Lug Wheels
SubH Part MN2222 - 2-Arm Sprocket Puller
SubH Part MN3034 - A3/B4 Crank Lock
SubH Part MN3036 - Universal Sprocket Buster (TM) Counterhold Tool
SubH Part MN3333 - DELUXE Tensioner Wrench
SubH Part MN3359 - 1.9 and 2.0 Multi-application Cam and Pump Sprocket Pin (PD, CR, ALH rotary)
SubH Part MN4001 - A4/NB Cam Sprocket Puller
SubH Part MN4004 - ALH Crank Lock
SubH Part MN4057 - Oil Filter Housing Drain Tube (T40057)
SubH Part MN88040 - Electrical Connector Tool
SubH Part MNDH30 - 30 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade
SubH Part MNHB17 - 17 mm Hex Bit Socket, Impact Grade
SubH Part MNHB5S - A4/NB Stubby 5 mm Driver (Formerly our MN0005)
SubH Part MNRAIL - SPECIAL Sprocket Buster™ Counterhold Tool with Common Rail Mini-Pins
SubH Part MNSH36 - Oil Filter Housing Socket
SubH Part MNT060 - 1.9 PD 2.0 PD Serpentine 'L' Pin (2004-2007)(T10060A)
SubH Part MNT480 - Camshaft Adjuster Socket for 2.0T FSi Gas Engines
SubH Part MNT68A - Cam Locking Bar for 24 Valve VR6® T10068A
SubH Part MNT98A - Long Reach ALH Cam Locking Plate
SubH Part MNXZ12-S - SHORT M12 Triple Square Bit
SubH Part T10549 Oil Sump Plug Bit with 1/4” Drive
SubJ Part MNBUKT - BRM Sprocket Buster™ UPDATE KIT
SubJ Part MNT051 - 3-Pin Counterhold for PD Cam Hubs and CR TB jobs
SubJ Part MNT052 - Puller for PD Cam Hubs
SubJ Part MNT10008 - 1.9 PD TDI Tensioner Keeper Plate (T10008)
SubJ Part MNXZ10 - M10 Triple Square Bit LONG
SubJ Part MNXZ10S-375 Compact M10 Triple Square Bit with 3/8" Drive (Impact Grade)
SubJ Part MNXZ10-S - SHORT M10 Triple Square Bit
SubK MN3312 - Flat Wrench for Viscous Fan Clutch
SubK Part MNXZ8S - M8 Triple Square Bit
SubL Part MN3001 - Specialty Socket for Triangular Head Bolts
SubM Part MNXZ5Short - M5 Triple Square Bit
Part ORING5 - 5 Pack Oil Drain Plug O-ring for Sonic®, Trax®, Cruze® and Encore®
Part MN12WH-FINE the M12 x 1.25 Wheel Assist Tool for Dodge®, Chrysler®, Jeeps®
SubH Part CVPL - 2-Way CV Boot Crimp Pliers
SubI Part MN1818 - Threaded Injector Slide Hammer Puller (TDI 1996-2003)
SubJ Part MN1818-Head - Threaded Slide Hammer Puller Head Only (for TDI 1996-2003
SubI Part MN18PD - PD-TDI Injector Slide Hammer Puller (2004-2007)
SubJ Part MN18PD-Head - Hook Slide Hammer Puller Head Only (for PD TDI 2004-2007)
Kit1 MNA3KIT5PC - A3/B4 Kit (Economy)
Kit1 Part BEWBHWKIT4PC - Timing Belt Tool Kit for PD TDIs with BEW and BHW Engines
Kit1 Part CRAILKIT5PC - Timing Belt Tool Kit for Common Rail TDI engines CBEA, CJAA, and CKRA
Sample Flat Wrench (wholesale/commercial only)
Part LIFT-A4-1 - 1 inch Lift Kit for MK-IV Chassis (Includes refundable $100 charge)
Part LIFT-A4-2 - 2 inch Lift Kit for MK-IV Chassis (Includes refundable $100 charge)
SubH MN0201 - Flange Puller for 020-series Transmissions (1984~1990)
SubH Part MNHB14 - 14 mm Hex Bit Socket, Impact Grade
SubD Part MNYANK-6CYL-HUB Optional Hub - 6cyl for NuYank

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