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When you first enter the shop, you are assigned a shopping cart that holds your purchases. Whenever you see an item that you want to purchase, you can add it to your cart by entering the number of items to add and clicking on the "Add" button for that item. The program will then show you the contents of your shopping cart, including the item(s) that you just added.

At any time, you can view or change the contents of your cart by clicking on the "View Shopping Cart" link at the top of the product pages. You can remove items from your cart by removing the check in the Include column and recalculating the cart.

Online Purchases (Visa/Mastercard)

When you have finished collecting items to purchase, you can click on the "Check Out" button on the cart page. Complete the contact and payment information.  The credit card is not processed in real time.  We will add the actual shipping charges to the order total before we charge your credit card.

If you would like shipping quote before we process your order, please note that in the  comments area on the cart page.  If you request a quote, we will not process your order until you approve the quote.

Your order and payment information is temporarily stored on a secure webserver. We do not permanently store or archive any payment information.

Online Purchases via PayPal

We accept payments through PayPal.  However, since we must add the shipping charges to the total before we process your order, we can't accept PayPal in the cart system.

To order with PayPal, place your order as usual.  Rather than entering your credit card number, enter a this as your credit card number:1111222233334444 with an expiration date of 12/25 and 123 in the security CVV2 code.

In the comments field, write "Will Pay Via PayPal".  This way, we can easily see your intererst in PayPal when we receive the order via e-mail.  We will calculate your shipping and email you the necessary information to complete the transaction.  

For convenience, you can also just call or e-mail us with a list of items you need.

Offline Purchases

If you prefer the personal touch, call 412-601-4270 to place an order.

How much is my credit card charged?

Even though we collect the credit card number during the checkout process, we process your credit card offline.  The total you see in the shopping cart is the order subtotal.  We calculate the shipping and add it to the order total before processing your order.  You pay what we pay for shipping.

If you want to know the shipping total before we process your order, make a note in the comments section of the shopping cart (on payment page) or send us an email.  We will calculate the shipping and email you a firm quote.  If you ask for a quote, we will process your order AFTER you approve the shipping.

Can I come back to my cart later?

If your browser accepts cookies, you will be able to come back to your cart and any items in your cart will still be waiting for you, up to when the cookie expires. Most common versions of the Chrome, Netscape, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers will accept cookies unless you tell them not to. If your browser does not accept cookies, or if you return after the cookie expires, you will be assigned a new cart when you return.

Is my order secure?

Yes. The product pages run on an insecure server while you gather your purchases. It will not collect any information about you while running in insecure mode. When you click the checkout button, you will be transferred to a secure server and then you will be asked to provide shipping and billing information. Your private data is securely stored on the server for up to 30 days.  We do not permanently retain your credit card information.

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