SubH Part MN2122 - Specialty Double 21 & 22 mm Strut Nut Sockets

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This double ended socket is just the ticket for MK-IV chassis Golf®/Jetta®/New Beetles® because the front struts have BOTH sizes to remove. Some earlier models (A3 chassis) that have VR6®-type strut bushings also require both sizes. The 8.5" long heat treated box wrench holds the socket using snap rings. Interior has a thru bore that allows you to reach inside and hold the strut shaft with a standard 6 or 7 mm hex bit (3/8" drive). The square hole in the handle permits the use of a torque wrench to set the nut torque to factory specs. Heat treated alloy steel, Metalnerd® Brand, Made in USA.
Note: Due to crowded locations on the New Beetle®, there is limited room to rotate the tool handle when removing the top nut. An option is to remove the black socket from the handle using snap ring pliers. Using the black socket without the handle, turn the black socket with an adjustable wrench, held at an angle.

Not for impact tool usage.

Caution: This socket can be used to remove the strut assembly from the car AND once off the car, can be used to disassemble the strut assembly. If you are disassembling the strut assembly, you must use a spring compressor tool. We don't sell spring compressor tools but they are available at local auto parts stores.

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