SubE MNDH24 - 24 mm 12 Point Socket, Impact Grade

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This impact grade 24 mm 12 point socket with 1/2" square drive is used to remove the crank center bolt that retains the timing crank sprocket. Applications include most VW®/Audi® 6 cyl. timing belt type engines. Fits inside our NuYANK w/6CYL option Crank Counterhold Tool. Essential for replacing front main crank seals. Not required, but handy for timing belt jobs and engine work to provide a method for turning engine.

This socket is also needed for removing the 12 point front axle BOLTs on many VW® & Audi® models starting around 2006. The hex head axle BOLTS used in earlier cars require our 27 mm socket MN227MXX on this same page. If your car has a 12 point axle NUT, it is most likely requires our MNDH30 on this same page.

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