SubF Part MNXZ14 - M14 Triple Square Bit, Impact grade

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This impact grade 14 mm triple square is supplied with a 1-piece 1/2" drive base with an overall length of 60 mm. This short 14 mm is used for Mk5 (G/J) front suspension bolts and rear brake caliper bracket (essential for rear rotor removal.) Applications include 2006 and later Jetta®, Rabbit®, and other Mk5 and newer chassis cars.

Usage Note: Because of crowded areas in the rear suspension of these cars, you may need to do the following to access the brake caliper hanger bolts:
1) Support car from body and not by control arms. The suspension needs to hang, extending the rear shock to make room.
2) The upper bolt will need a 6" extension and breaker bar, etc. The lower bolt will need a swivel and a 6" extension.
3) THESE BOLTS ARE VERY TIGHT. Make sure the bit is fully inserted. Clean the bolt head and seat the bit into the bolt head with a few hammer taps if needed.

How can I tell what size I need? Triple Square Bit Identification Table (PDF)

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